Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add support for ISP x?
Probably. See this thread for details.

I have a great idea for a feature, can you add xyz?
Maybe -- make a posting on the board. If it's a good/popular idea, it may well get added.

TUC is accessing the wrong usage information, how do I fix this?
If you have more than one account showing usage under the same login, then you may need to enter your account id/email in the "Account id" box. This only appears for ISPs that support it. You can enter anything here that is specific to the account you want TUC to access.

How can I stop TUC from closing when the form is closed?
Specify /closetotray on the commandline.

What do the different colours in the tray mean?
The colours are as follows:
Green: you're within your limit and aren't on track to go over it before the end of the month.
Orange: you're within your limit but you're going to get close to the limit by the end of the month (90% or more)
Red: you're over your limit already, or you will be by the end of the month.
For Windows Vista and above, the tray colour is set to white the whole time, but it can be changed back to automatic by specifying /traycolour=auto on the commandline.

How do I get TUC to always appear in the system tray?
This is documented here

How do I change the colour of the text in the tray?
You can do this by specifying the /traycolour option on the TUC commandline -- for example, TUC.exe /traycolour=white . For full details of the commandline options, see the documentation (readme.txt in the TUC directory).

Where is my login and password stored?
Configuration information is saved to tuc.tucconfig in the Application Data directory (normally C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\TUC under WinXP, and C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\TUC under Windows 7), and is encrypted using 192 bit AES. You can access this by right clicking on TUC and choosing "open data directory

Can I use TUC to check multiple accounts?
To check multiple accounts, you need to run two instances of TUC. Open your TUC data directory, and copy the tuc configuration file to new location. You can now open (double click) this file and TUC will open again, but will save configuration to this file and not the default.

Can TUC export usage data to another program?
If you create a file called usage.log in the same directory as TUC, it will update this file every time it gets updated information from the server. It's in CSV format -- "date & time, usage (in MB), percent used". This is the same file TUC uses to create the graph.

I get the error "Authentication error. Please check your login and/or password." but I know I entered my password correctly.
The solution to this problem is here