About TUC

TUC was originally called PUC, for Paradise Usage Checker. Then I started to get requests for support for other ISPs -- the first one was added, and it was renamed to TUC. These days, with the 15+ ISPs it supports -- well, that was never the plan, but these things happen. I've long since stopped using it myself, and have hardly even been in New Zealand let alone used a traffic limited account when I've been here, it remains just something I do in my spare time. I remember well the annoyance of not only having a traffic limit, but having to manually check your usage.

In any case, while making money with it was never my intention, some people have felt TUC worthy of a donation. If you feel like it, feel free to donate using bitcoin at 1Cqjbrh8HfR6fw1Jav6HV9TWKQDxw2ddsr